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If must fight, win!

Seriously, superheavywt is officially 207.5-221 if they are following IBJJ Federation rules. I fight at 219, and I compete at superheavyweight. Here is the best advice of all....don't cut weight and definitely play the points game. Stick to the basics. Novice divisions should have 5 min rounds. Adrenaline will make you gas much quicker than you think in your first tournaments, so train at least 10 min rounds. We trained 15 min rounds going in and none of our guys gassed at all. We did like a round robin for that. For example, if it was your round, I would roll with you for 5 min, then, with you getting no break, Nate would take my place for 5 min, then Mike would come in for the final 5 min. After that, Mike would stay in and you would go out and get replaced so Mike would be in for 15 total min. If you are just working into that, take a 1 or 2 min break between rounds and gradually decrease the break. And remember, points, points, points!! Get the points first, then try submissions when you are ahead enough that if you lose position and your opponent gains some points it won't matter.
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