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Originally Posted by Bonnie
My goodness, I never realized how dangerous square dancing is. Was it the dosey doe; it was wasn't it?
I'm not sure about Neezars friend but i could tell you my story,

it was a dark and cloudy tuesday night in late august of 1982 and i was sitting in my car outside the auditorium trying to work up the courage to go in when i was suddenly startled by a noise,,kaaa kooo,kaaa kooo, i heard it over and over again,thinking i was in the middle of an episode of fantasy island i scrambled out of my car as fast as i could only to realize it was a crow that seemed to be having some sort of identity crisis,

i remember saying to myself "well thats a relief" when all of a sudden there was a very faint oder of perfume in the air,and not just any perfume it was a fragrance that i remember only one girl ever wearing,Carla,the reason i got into square dancing in the first place,just the mere thought of her name would increase my heart rate and start sending more blood to all the right places,could it really be her i thought as i quickly turned around,
and there she stood,the sunlight gently caressing her hair,even more beautiful then i remember i thought,
"Hey there Carla"i said," HI,its been a long time" she replied with a smile on her face,
'what are you doing here" i asked,"well" she said,"it seems you guys are putting on a square dancing show tonight and one of the girls came down with the flue so they contacted me to see if i could fill in and i said sure, so here i am",
"we better get in there" she said,"we wouldn't want to be late"
we got in there in time to take our places just as the curtain was going up,

here we go i thought, i asked myself,are we really ready for this?,the years and years of practice should have prepared us for anything,but i'm not sure about this,
the curtain was raised and while we waited for the music to start i just looked out over the audience and felt a little panic set in,never before has 27 people been so intimidating to me,

well the music started and we were away,,doe si doe swing your partner too and fro the caller said,
grab your partner by the hand race them back round again,thats popimatic trouble,oh wait,thats a different story better left for some other time.

the music was really heating up now and everything was happening so fast it was just a blur to me,
when suddenly something went terribly wrong,one of the girls missed a step and caused a pile up in the middle of the floor like i have never seen before,
and there was Carla totally unaware of what was happening so i tried to warn her by yelling out her name but nothing came out,it was like i was frozen in time watching this train wreck of humanity unfold right before my eyes,
i reached out to protect her but she slipped through my fingers and all i could do was watch here being crushed by the mob of ruthless square dancers with the sunlight gently caressing her hair, as I lay on the floor beside her blood soaked body i could feel the heal of somebodys shoe pinching my finger against the floor,please lord i begged,not my finger.but it was to late the damage was done.

the smell of bacon frying filled the air as I opened my eyes,it was all a dream i thought as i quickly jumped out of bed,i got dressed and hurried down stairs for breakfast,as i was walking by the bathroom i could hear the shower running,i stopped for a second and wondered,could that be bobby?,nah,this is my story i thought so i continued on my way,good morning honey i said,good morning dear, my wife replied,
as she was doing her wifely duties of slaving over a hot stove,she then turned to give me a peck on the cheek(because thats what people do when they love you,not everybody hates me you know,) when she stopped dead in here tracks for a moment while staring at my hand,what happened to your finger? she demanded,were you out square dancing again?
oh oh i thought,this cant be good.
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