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I appreciate all this encouragement and the offers of prayers more than any of you know! I am truly privileged to be associated with such Godly and caring people. Hearing the thoughts from mothers has helped with my perspective greatly too. I already had the perspective of being abandoned by my father at a young age and being raised with my younger sister by a single mother who carried a lot of resentment toward my dad. Hearing from you guys has helped widen that greatly. Because my dad left completely, I had already vowed even as a young child, that no matter what happened, I would always do whatever is in my power to be a daddy to my children and not leave them, ever.

I write this after yet another emotionally exhausting dealing with his mom, but that sweet little blue-eyed boy snuggled up next to me right now is all worth it and more to me! The last couple of emails his mom & I exchanged seemed more peaceful, and I mentioned how I had wanted to talk about modifying the 5 weeks when I picked him up because it is so long for her not to see him. Maybe she will email me back and ask how I am willing to work it around. I hope so, and that doing so will be a major step toward reconciling in our roles as Ben's parent. Thank you guys for the prayers, we all need them, especially Benaiah David..
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