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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN
We should all get used to it! Anything we criticize about this administration, the race card will be pulled

Quoted from Skynews: The cartoon featured Travis, a real-life chimpanzee which was shot last week by police in Connecticut, near New York, after attacking a woman. In the drawing, two policeman stand over the chimp's body. One said: "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill."
Murdoch was making fun of the stimulus bill, but of course most blacks and liberals had to make it all about racism.

Since the stimulus package is Obama's brain child, they are drawing parallels between an African American and an ape, thus: racist. In this world you have to realize that there are some names you cant call some people. Saying Matt Hughes is like a gorilla on the wrestling mat would be ok, but call a black man a chimp is racist.

Call it a double standard or hypocritcal, but its a fact... if you dont believe me, come visit me in Philadelphia and start calling black guys monkeys and see what happens. It's like the Nword, they both are just groups of letters that form words but they are heavy words with deep historical negative conontations... and their history is not that far in our past.

This isnt this guys first offensive drawing either, he has received a lot of flack from the Jewish community from earlier cartoons.

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