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Frustrated & in pain.

I woke up yesterday morning with pain in my lower back. I didn't do anything Sunday that would have made me sore, just going to church, eating lunch & then laying around the house. I assumed I just slept on it wrong, but it re-surfaced a coupla times during the work day & then again in the evening while I was at dinner with some friends (buddy just got engaged).

Today, it's been a constant soreness interspersed sharp pains & I can tell that I've been favoring it and sitting awkwardly to try & avoid the pain because other portions of my back are now starting to get sore from the way I've been subconciously contorting myself.

I'm getting pissed because I feel like there's always something that's preventing me from getting into the gym as often as I want. If it's something reasonable (not going to jits/muay thai for the week preceding my buddies wedding so that I would risk being "that one groomsman with the black-eye/crutches/sling/etc.), then I can handle the disappointment, but when there's no forseeable explanation for what's going on, it pisses me off.
What have you tried to get rid of the pain?
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