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I agree with Mike, you really gotta wait on it. Also, realize that you're not playing with a bunch of athletes, so a ball that hangs for a bit in the air isn't a gauranteed out like when you were younger. The outfield generally plays deeper since the pitching style lends itself to longer pop-flys, so "crushing a ball" isn't always the best idea. A "little league" as it sounds, just making good contact is usually the best idea. And believe me, if you practice pulling the ball to the right, your on-base percentage will be great. The 1st base(wo)man typically isn't agile & certainly isn't expecting the ball, so even a line-drive can usualy catch 'em napping & get past, plus the right fielder is usually out there praying that the ball doesn't get hit in their direction (speaking from experience, here! ). The combination of surpise that the ball's coming to them, relative lack of skill, and performance anxiety pretty much gaurantees a single & can often give you a good shot at extra base(s) on an over-throw.
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