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Patience. Because the ball is moving so slowly it's easy to get anxious and swing too soon. Then you're lunging for the ball or chopping up at it. I like to hit it when it's about waist or even knee high. It's more of a golf swing than a baseball swing.

Exactly! It's very odd to me to swing low because that got you laps in fast pitch. And I'm 6' 1" (or just 6' even depending on who's measuring) so the women that pitch don't get the ball nearly high enough and some of the men don't either. Plus the umps forget that strike zones are different based on the person. The knee to waist on some people is mid shin level for me. And since the balls drop you really never know where to stand in the plate. Most good pitches would land right behind the plate but if it touches the plate at all that's a strike. I think Im going to need a lot of practice on learning to adjust to a variety of pitches.
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