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Hey, to Canadians though, this is a serious question... When I say the name "Damon Stoudemire" what do you think?
Mighty Mouse ... great draft pick for the raps .. i remember he got booed when he was drafted, cuz they wanted o'bannon, what a bust that would have been ... like every other big player that came here though, his time was up ... vancouver and toronto were given a raw deal in their expansion deal and weren't allowed a number one pick ...the raps actually got the number one pick and had to give it up ... instead of getting iverson, they got camby ... or something like that .. most players when they come to toronto realize how cool of a city it is .. but yeah, they get taxed more and they are in a different country ... but we have had damon, t-mac, vince carter, and now bosh bolt ... what you gonna do ...
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