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Default Slow Pitch Softball

I played fast pitch for years when I was younger. Now 10 years later I've decided to play on a church co-ed team. Well slow pitch batting is way different than fast pitch and I need some help.

Fast pitch you want a level swing and that helps generate power. Since slow pitch balls drop you can't always hit the ball by just swinging level. I'm good with making contact but I have no power. And oddly in the batting cages I pull to the left (3rd base line) almost every time but when a person is pitching to me I hit all over the place. I was taught in fast pitch to point you front foot towrds the direction you want the ball to go. So instead is keeping you feet pointing straight towards the plate you would angle it out to get more turn out of your swing basically. But you had to swing a bit faster for that to work. Thing with slow pitch is it well SLOW. A ball that's a strike my get tossed up really high and take a while to drop.

Then I've got my husband tell me how to generate power. First I don't like thim telling how to do anything. I feel like he's talking down to me even when he's just trying to help. I read that with slow pitch the best thing to do is just stand however you are comfortable since there are not a lot of technical things to do to get a more powerful swing but by using a comfortable stance you can focus more on hitting with power.

And I had a batting cage owner tell me to line my middle knuckles up and hold the bat losely for the best control of the bat itself. It feels weird but it works. But agian I'm so focused on how I'm holding the bat I don't focus on hitting with all my strength.

So tips on any of these areas of batting please! I'm not about to play and go out there and stink it up. if I can't be a good player I won't play at all.
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