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Originally Posted by kyle
OK Jeff now I'm sorry but this doesn't make ant sense to me buddy. I did my taxes a few days ago also and I got a much larger stimulas check last year it was $2100 (I do have 5 kids) There was a special box that went in when filing and they did not deduct any of it from my money im getting back and im still getting almost 5300 back and the IRS has already gave me an approval email excepting my return.
So I just don't know how you can be penalized for that when someone like me is not. That just doesn't make any sense to me. and i had H & R block do my stuff so it would be on them if they screwed it up ever.
Well, when I first put $300 and e-filed it I was getting $1264 back. The IRS rejected it because the amount wasn't right, so I went back and put the correct amount which was $600 and it dropped my return down to $962. I re-submitted it and it was accepted. It sucks because I paid in over $4,000 in federal taxes. I don't understand how I am getting penalized either. It really has me pissed off though.
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