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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
yeah, i never got out to a game, they moved in my teams, but i think the fact that the strike killed one of their best seasons ever had something to do with them leaving ... sad sad day ...
I honestly feel sorry for Canadian fans who constantly have to deal with this stuff.

Obviously it's not always accepted by the masses, but it seems that MLB and NBA have always tried to compensate for what Hockey brings to the American market. It sucks on both sides, because you guys end up with mediocre baseball and basketball teams and our American players end up having to move out of country and end up not liking it.

Oh, and yes, there was no question when it comes to the numbers the Dawson goes in as an EXPO. : )

Hey, to Canadians though, this is a serious question... When I say the name "Damon Stoudemire" what do you think?

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