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The sports section needs some fresh meat....

Lebron is old news and Pacquiao vs Mayweather ain't happening this year....

Dawson is a HOF now... Thoughts?

I know there are at least 2 Cubs fans on this forum...and one might be too young to remember Dawson. (sorry MHF21)

I grew up during his Cubs era, and I will say that as a die-hard White Sox fan, the only Cubs stuff I ever gave any credence to as a kid was Andre Dawson and Ryan Sandberg. Now, obviously I was too young to fully encompass just how evil and wrong the Cubs are as a White Sox fan, but that truly is the bliss of being an innocent child. They just don't know any better.

Seriously, Dawson was great, and it's awesome to see him get in the HOF. I also loved how he told all the young players not to cross over to the "dark-side", in reference to steroids. Good stuff.

Also, on the Ryan Sandberg tip, I am also happy to see that a guy as hard working and as good as he is take the path he took to potentially be the new manager of the Cubs next season..... This is pretty much blasphemy on the south-side, but I would be happy for the Cubs if they won a World Series with RYNO as their manager
Dawson was ahead of my time, but that doesn't mean I don't know about him, I pay attention to my favorite teams' histories...He should have been in years ago, but later is better than never, wish he would have gone in as a Cub instead of an Expo though.....Oh and I want Ryno as the manager next season, he bleeds Cubbie blue and I'd love for him to get the job, plus you know there wouldn't be any questions regarding his dedication or committment to the team
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