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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
No, I float just fine. Unfortunately, it's the dead man's float so I can never get my head out of the water, so I can't breath and then I start to freak out.
I never learned how to swim until college--took it for summer class. I loved it and it gave me some confidence in the water. They taught us the deadman's float in case you ever find yourself in water and get tired of treading. I don't think I'd last long if I had to do that for any great length of time. I did pretty good with most of the swimming strokes especially the backstroke 'cause my face was out of the water. I never managed to get my timing right when doing the freestyle so that I could get a breath so I would panic. We had to complete like 20+ laps (olympic-size pool) in order to complete the class and we could use any stroke we wanted. I did the whole thing using the backstroke.

I've always been pretty buoyant which isn't a good thing necessarily when you're trying to dive down. I took scuba lessons and we trained in a pool. I had to have a weight belt on in the pool and this was with an air tank on my back.

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