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Originally Posted by DonnaMaria View Post
Worn out!!!!!! And BROKE! But THRILLED!!!!!

Spent the last week in NYC with my girls so that my oldest could perform in a pilot version of Singing In The Rain Jr.

Disney rewrites musicals into a format that makes it manageable for middle school kids to perform and then pilots them to an audience of Disney executives before putting them on the market. Jessica auditioned for this company back in March and she was cast in the chorus!

So we spent the last week in NYC so she could “work” 8 hours a day for a week, preparing for this show. The cast of 20 kids learned all the music, words and choreography in 4 days and then performed on the 5th day. Incredible! Jessie is worn out! She is still sleeping right now! And I’m worn out because I had to walk 4 miles a day to drop her off and pick her up from the studio! ( I was too cheap to take a cab! Lol! )

But it was an awesome trip!
awwwww it was like a mini adventure for all of you! thats wonderful! Trips like that can give you all treasured memories that you never ever forget ...and dont worry about being see far more on foot then you do in some overpriced taxi...thats what makes it so exciting....though...I grant you the novelty eventually wears off I suppose ahahahaha....a bit like Monument Avenue in Richmond Virginia...the worlds longest street to walk EVER!
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