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Colin Cowherd said it best today when he said that George had done something that is RARELY seen in American business....

He took the BEST brand...and he made it BETTER.

It would be like Bill Gates dying, and some other guy coming in and making Microsoft BETTER than what is it today. It's nuts, but that's what Steinbrenner did. He really didn't give a f**k. He bought the best team he could every year, and he changed the landscape of baseball.

Wow....80 years old...

He lived "The American Dream".
That's for sure. I know there are a lot of Yankee haters out there..especially if you live in a city that's in the same conference as the Yankees...but no matter who you are, if you know anything about baseball then you have to respect Mr. Steinbrenner and what he did what that team. He is one of the most distinguished and well known owners of any professional sports team.
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