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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
I my word I love Chipper! I had a huge crush on him when like 12 years ago! back when him, Javier Lopez, and Ryan Klesko all played I wanted to go to all the games I could. It's how I became a Braves fan. I met Chipper once...well kind of. I puked about of 5 feet from him. I was so nervous waiting to met him at BuckMaster I got a little sick. I was too embarassed to get back in line. I know.

That might be the coolest response I've ever had on these forums....

I mean, for real, who is gonna top a "I puked 5 feet in front of Chipper Jones"...

The guy is top notch, I'm not sure I'd vomit, but I do understand the love!
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