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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
More than baseball? That surprises me.
Baseball is still huge here in America, but it's slipped in recent years and outside of the USA nobody cares, which is sad because I love Baseball. Right now, with the hype coming into next season and the potential dynasty in Miami, the NBA is poised to come back into the relevance it had during the 90's when Jordan and the Bulls were dominating.

The NBA is has been getting more steam again in America over the last few years, but it has actually become quite popular globally, especially with the rise in European players over the last 15 years. Even in China the league gets a ton of exposure from Yao Ming, and I mean a TON. Like upwards of 100 million people or some crazy number.

The fact that NBA discussion even seems relevant in sports news in Mid-July is a testament to just how much interest has spiked. Now, we can all sit back and watch the NBA screw it all up when they try to renegotiate the CBA with the Players Union next year and end up having another lockout. Because we all know the smartest thing to do when you are most popular is to just stop playing all together
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