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Originally Posted by kyle
Have you been to Iraq? I'm assuming you have you seem to know the in's and out's better than our troops. Heck I'm starting to think your a reporter. I will tell you one thing i agree on and that's the war will never be over. Do you no why it will never be over? That's because we are not at war with Iraq and we never were....But now that we are there the majority of the people that are killing us, are not Iraqi. ha you probably didn't know that did you.

Just to paint a picture in you head of what were actual facing over there. My TC was shot by a sniper in Tal Afar which is up in northern Iraq this guy has killed 7 U.S. soldiers at the time we finally caught the guy......Guess where he was from the Czech Republic...heck i don't even think that's an Arabic country but the guys that caught him said he was hired as a mercenary to kill us.

Iraq is won, we liberated people that were living under the dictatorship of Saddam. What were wants used for safe houses and places for Saddam's executions are now schools. We have helped restore running water thousands of homes that have not seen that in years. I was there when they had there first open election.

I can go on about all the positive things that we have done since we been over their B/C all you know are the negs. but I've realized at this point in life when someone has an ignorant view on war that they see watching T.V... you will never change their mind.
I have a few soldier buddies who are glad they aren't going back to Iraq, they are in Afgan causing trouble I would imagine but they dont say much til they come home, one is due home for R and R soon, with his time spent there down in Oct, actually I think a couple of them are doen in Oct and a few allot longer.

I don't care about the views of anyone on the forum anymore in regards to political aspects, its nothing more then hypocritical b.s twisted and molded to fit their views at the time. Then rearranged to fit the next argument so that it better suits their argument. Damned if you do Damned if you don't never more truer. This part wasn't aimed at you by the way, the first half was about my buddies.

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