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Thumbs up The Nutrition Thread!

So....let's talk about what we are eating! Goals ya have for this year, or just wanting to get better.

I've heard this is the hardest time of the year to work out, unless you live in SoCal or Florida---and when I weighed in at the doctor a few weeks ago, I found out I could pretty much join the UFC Welterweight division, and I'm a girl

So, I'm not going to be 156 anymore, so I removed bread from my intake and reduced my carbs pretty dramatically. I've been eating a ton of chili, veggie soups, salads, cereal that's whole grain once in awhile, juice, and NO ICE CREAM!!

That is HUGE b/c I LOVE ice cream tons....

I also invested in Muscle Milk b/c Brian13 told me to, and honestly it's pretty great, I drink it after work outs.

So far I'm down 8 pounds and my goal is another 10. 138 was a really good weight for me back during the polo days
What about yall?
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