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First, great bible verse, Matt! Got to keep our eye out for that wily devil! I'm really happy with your post about Brock. Noticed you didn't mention Carwin though--would've like your thoughts... (I was rooting for Carwin btw) I thought it was one of the best cards I've ever seen to date so far. Great match-ups fighter-wise. I was disappointed Carwin didn't win, but I was really disappointed Lytle didn't get SOTN. Other than those two blips, great night of fights!

Originally Posted by Mac View Post
LOL at the running shoes comment...... Not so "lol" at the 5-0..... Well , atleast im in good company ha ha.
I thought at first he was saying he lost and y'all won, but then after reading your post, I went back... Mac, you know how many times Boomer's bet against him and lost....uh, duh! Why don't you guys just go ahead and set up a direct deposit straight into Matt's bank account. You guys are too funny!

Originally Posted by Irish Pride View Post
How was it hanging out with Machida? Wish I knew who your 5 picks were but I realize that can be personal. Great to hear how good training is going.
Oooo, me too! Maybe we should just ask Mac and the boys what their picks were and we'll know.
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