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Originally Posted by flo View Post
OK, totally discounting the personal awesomeness of the pics, I was amazed at the beanbag pic trailing water and the one after.

I have always had an interest in photography but do not excel at it. You missed your calling, Nate, you've got a great eye.
Well, it was a cloudy day out, which are actually the best days to get photos outside. Bright sunny days are way too harsh, they create too much contrast between highlight and shadow, and the direct sunlight forces everyone to squint. Cloudy days are bright enough that you can use a low ISO and a high shutter speed, but dim enough that everyone's face relaxes and they don't look totally beaten down by the sun.

The low ISO (film speed) creates a smoother, less grainy image. The high shutter speed creates a freeze-frame effect without any motion blur. I also kept my aperture low at 5.6, which narrowed the depth of field and kept Matt and all of those water drops in focus while softening the background.

Anyways, thanks for the compliments (to you and Bonnie). I would highly recommend taking a photography class for anyone interested in it. They can get expensive (especially if you take film photography instead of digital), but understanding all the principles of lighting, exposure, depth of field, etc. will be worth it in the long run.

Originally Posted by atomdanger View Post
I bet the kids love having a pool....

What kind of Camera do you shoot with?

and my friend Felicia won't stop talking about Matt's butt.
Hanna is already swimming without water-wings and she was teaching me how to dive (I can't swim at all).

I use a Canon EOS Digital Rebel. It's only an 8 megapixel though. I really need to upgrade to the 12. I've also got a 55-250mm IS (image stabilization) telephoto lens that I bought separately.
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