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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
Okay, well if this is true, I guess I was (within the last 30 mins) ESPN is putting out this report....

ESPN is saying now that it looks like he is leaning towards the Heat.

ESPN could just be saying this to counter the Jared Dudley leak, which could also be planted information designed to throw everyone for a loop and get them to watch, but on the other hand why leak anything at all? This is such a circus, I don't care anymore.

The Heat does make sense on a lot levels, and an argument could be made for all of the teams involved. I just didn't think it would be likely that the egos would come together. This could really be a dynasty if the pieces fall together right, but it takes chemistry to win big in the playoffs and the Heat will certainly have some issues with depth.
I'm still going with NY...
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