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Originally Posted by matthughesfan21 View Post
even if lebron isn't a bull next year...Boozer is a great player who is very underrated and he will help a lot next year...They got him at 75-80 million for 5 years...they will still have room remaining to get lebron for a max contract, so its just a case of if lebron wants to be a bull or not, Chicago has done all they can at this point, its now in lebron's hands
I think Boozer is a great player, and he will definitely help the Bulls, but I don't think he is underrated or overrated. You know what you are getting with Carlos Boozer. Seeing as how Boozer had no chance of ending up in Cleveland, I can't see how it's not New York or Chicago for Lebron now that the Bulls landed him. According to Jared Dudley's twitter, he says he heard Lebron is going to New York. Now, obviously that doesn't mean much at this point, but it's fair to point out that Dudley obviously has some good inside sources.

The fact that it's in Connecticut doesn't tell us which of the 3 teams it could potentially be, because I honestly think the only teams in the running are New York, Chicago, and Miami being a VERY long-shot. However, I think it does tell us that Cleveland is out of the running. If he was coming back to Cleveland, he would do it in Cleveland.
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