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Originally Posted by matthughesfan21 View Post
either Miami or Cleveland now, the Knicks sucks, if he went there, he is just saying that he doesn't care about winning as much as the other aspects
Him and Amar'e would be a strong core, then if Melo got tossed into the mix next year, forget it. I am hardly a Knicks fan, but New York would be a good choice for him. Also, if Lebron only cared about money he would just sign with Cleveland and take the extra 30 million dollars they can guarantee him. There may be potential for extra sponsorship money in NYC or Chi-Town, but Lebron is gonna get endorsements no matter where he is, and 30 million guaranteed is a lot of money to pass up for an unknown amount of "potential" money.

I don't think the choice is going to be Miami. I just can't see him leaving that much money on the table to leave the Cavs after getting snubbed by Bosh for Miami, when he knows that he can put together solid core units in Chicago or New York. I also don't think the Heat want to stretch their budget that thin on 3 max players and put nobody on their bench.

Bosh clearly was tired of being hosed all those years being stuck in Canada and wanted to take his max-contract to a state with no income tax, and having Dwayne Wade just makes it nicer. Wade strung Chicago along to wait on Bosh and James, but I always had a feeling it would be tough for him to leave Miami. He did win a title there.

It really is fascinating that he has the whole sports world drooling. Personally, I don't see how he could come back to Cleveland at this point other than the extra money and some loyalty. The Cavs are not gonna attract anybody to Cleveland, and I'm not sure I would understand the reasoning behind holding this big, hour-long, prime-time special on ESPN just to announce that after years of hype leading up to the 2010 Free-Agency he is staying put. Not to mention, Colin Cowherd reported this morning that the conference is NOT being held in Cleveland or Akron, and the team who Lebron chooses will receive a phone call 5 minutes before the announcement.

Kudos to Lebron, and probably more-so NIKE, for seizing this opportunity to market the crap out of it and make some money for charity in the process. I hope he becomes a Bull, but if he goes to the Knicks then maybe Amar'e will end up getting a ring (which I would like to see), and if he stays in Cleveland than he is the hero of the little guy. Either way, the big winners are Lebron James and the Boys and Girls Club.
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