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Default BLOG: Lesnar vs. Carwin and the Double Barrel Militia

From Matt's Blog:

This weekend, they say Brock will face his toughest opponent yet. I tend to think Brock will have the upper hand in the fight, with his wrestling I really believe he will be able to take the 12-0 Carwin to the ground. I think on the ground and on top Brock wins the fight pretty easy. But this is a sport of heavy punchers and I think the only way for Carwin to win is to knock Brock out. I see Brock having several ways to win: knock-out, submission, TKO, and decision. That's just my 2-cents, I've been wrong many times before, that's just the way I see the fight.

Browning just released the Double Barrel Militia, they know that my favorite gun to shoot is my over-and-unders. This is a little contest that they came up with for people to express their love for their double-barrell shotguns.

Last weekend, some of us got together and as some of you know Boomer has the gift of gab. Here is a link to the latest Boomer tale on the forums:

Training is going great, it will be interesting to see where I will be at within a month, because I really feel that I could have the fight now.

Here is the the Bible verse for this week:
Jesus said, "For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." (John 3:17)
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