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Originally Posted by lyndsey823 View Post
i am feeling pretty giddy right about now.

*side note: i will fully admit that i love the Twilight books and movies. i am a marketer's dream and am easily amused, so i buy into anything that has some sort of hype. i know it makes me a total dork, but i can handle that.

anyway, i went to the midnight showing of new moon last year and was pretty bummed i couldn't get tickets to this one. i know, go ahead and laugh. so the guy i am dating called me and told me to meet him at his place at 6, which is earlier than normal. he wouldn't tell me why, so i was thinking "oh great, here comes the 'friend' talk". well i got there and he told me he got something for me last night and handed my tickets to the 7 o'clock showing tonight. i know, i know, totally cheesy. but just coming out of a horrible long term relationship with a guy who never took me anywhere, or paid for anything, i was totally surprised and excited. i just thought it was such a sweet thing to do, and really thoughtful. poor guy had to suffer through a 2 hour sap-fest, something my ex would never be caught dead at. like i mentioned a few posts ago, i am soooo not used to a guy doing nice things for me, or even considering doing something just because he knew it would make me happy. we had a great night and i am now even feeling a little more confident in this relationship.

lol sorry for the cheesy story, but i am happy, finally. it wasn't that my ex never took me anywhere, it was that i supported him fully for 6 years, including all his bills, and he paid me back by cheating on me with 2 girls at the hospital we worked at. so needless to say, i'm not used to having a sweet guy and treated right. i know i was the fool who put up with it for 6 years. but things are finally looking up, and i am just enjoying this day to day. jeez, this post ended up a lot longer than i intended, guess that is what happens when i am out of my sleeping pills and have tomorrow off, lol.
Glad to hear someone did something nice for you!! Enjoy it and always remember to seek what you deserve not what you desire.. I had to learn that the hard way!! oxoxo
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