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i am feeling pretty giddy right about now.

*side note: i will fully admit that i love the Twilight books and movies. i am a marketer's dream and am easily amused, so i buy into anything that has some sort of hype. i know it makes me a total dork, but i can handle that.

anyway, i went to the midnight showing of new moon last year and was pretty bummed i couldn't get tickets to this one. i know, go ahead and laugh. so the guy i am dating called me and told me to meet him at his place at 6, which is earlier than normal. he wouldn't tell me why, so i was thinking "oh great, here comes the 'friend' talk". well i got there and he told me he got something for me last night and handed my tickets to the 7 o'clock showing tonight. i know, i know, totally cheesy. but just coming out of a horrible long term relationship with a guy who never took me anywhere, or paid for anything, i was totally surprised and excited. i just thought it was such a sweet thing to do, and really thoughtful. poor guy had to suffer through a 2 hour sap-fest, something my ex would never be caught dead at. like i mentioned a few posts ago, i am soooo not used to a guy doing nice things for me, or even considering doing something just because he knew it would make me happy. we had a great night and i am now even feeling a little more confident in this relationship.

lol sorry for the cheesy story, but i am happy, finally. it wasn't that my ex never took me anywhere, it was that i supported him fully for 6 years, including all his bills, and he paid me back by cheating on me with 2 girls at the hospital we worked at. so needless to say, i'm not used to having a sweet guy and treated right. i know i was the fool who put up with it for 6 years. but things are finally looking up, and i am just enjoying this day to day. jeez, this post ended up a lot longer than i intended, guess that is what happens when i am out of my sleeping pills and have tomorrow off, lol.
[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Girl don't even trip!! I took my daughter Tuesday to see the Saga they showed all 3 movies starting @ 630pm we did not leave until 2:30 in the morning!! We bought our tickets pre-sale at $30 a pop plus my daughter had to get more souvenirs as if she don't have enough!!! My buttocks were tired from being in that seat, but it was well worth it! I am totally TEAM EDWARD and TEAM EMMETT!! Its something my daughter and I can have fun together and I was so happy to see other moms with their daughters!! [/FONT
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