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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
I like to drive around to various Chuck-E-Cheeses and instigate fights. I don't participate, I just find parents that are already irritated and tell them that someone else pushed their kid. So far I've done it in Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
Oh we've had shootings in the parking lots between the multiple babies daddies of some women at ours. Like BD #1 shoots BD#4 who's cousin is with BD#3 so she shanks BM #3 of BD #1. I can't stand it. The last time I took my kids there was for a birthday party for a relative - on of those you HAVE to go to. Some kids that was maybe 3 or 4 followed us around and kept asking for coins. Then a kids that was probably 10 or 11 pushed my then 3 year old and steals his tickets for the ski ball (how awesome is ski ball btw?). I almost turned into one of these crazy stories then.
Now THAT would piss me off!
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