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Miss Foxy
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I was thinking PMS....I know the feeling...the last one scares me a little!

i always laugh when people make me mad. i know i'm weird i laugh all the time. sometimes i'll remind someone that makes me mad that my dad digs holes for a living...they would never be found... (he has an evcavator)
lol thanks for making me laugh what would I do without you and Mike?!!
Actually I am so mad my ex-husband decided to cancel my child support allotment that goes every 1st of the month except for this 1st. He tried to lie and tell me they messed up his pay. Give me a break hello I was his wife for all them years and know the in's and out's of military pay/dfas. I am gathering all my strength to make a call to the CO for his recruiting area. I would appreciate any prayers...
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