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Originally Posted by bradwright
so here is my problem,i have been told by a few people over the years unless i worship god in church that i never will be welcomed by god,is this really true?
i sure hope not because although i have tried in the past, ever since i was young i find a few people that claim to be religious to be pretentious and maybe even a little evil and that is what keeps me from going to church,,

So could someone tell me if God draws a line in the sand and if so where?
I find it Ironic you ask this Question today. Do you understand what Liturgical Season we Enter this night? Its called "Lent" Its the Preparation period for Easter. Easter is the Crux of the Christian Callendar.

I know the below is long, but please read it, slowly, and more then once. Any questions, you let me know.

The Church has two separate meanings.

The Church as a Denomination of the Christian Church, which is a collective of Buildings and Human beings, and at times acts in the expected sinful manner as it, just like anything on earth, is fallen.

The Church as The Body of Christ, that is to say a Communion of Believers both presently alive, but also containing the souls of all the faithful departed, and those who havent yet been born. In short. One of the Saved.

Membership of this is absolutely vital. Its obtained by the start of Union with GOD. YOU must invite the Holy Spirit of GOD to take up its rightful place of residence within your heart. You must seek Him out with all your heart and mind and strength. You must truely and honnestly appologise for all your sins, and recognise Him for who he is. The Only Way, the Absolute Truth, and the Ultimate Light. Who created all things, is Holy and All-Seeing, and will return to Judge All things. He is a King, and his Word is Final. You may get to know him and by Reading the Book He inspired others to write about Him and praying to Him. He knows your mind and your heart, so you cant lie, nor can you hide from him. He will hear you however you wish to communicate with him.

If you offer yourself to Him, so that he may use you as he sees fit, for the Expansion of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth, he will give you exemption from the Law of Perfection. You are not perfect, so without Salvation you will be found guilty. The choice is yours. But this is where GOD draws the line and it has nothing to do with anyone except YOU and HIM.

You need to treat Him properly. You should talk to Him as often as possible. He's Your Friend, you wouldnt ignore a friend you can see. Dont ignore Him just because you cant see Him...Secondly...he's given you His need to start reading it carefully...not back-to-back. A tiny little scrap of it. Understand what it means FOR YOU AND HIM...get to know what he's like, what His Character is like, what His Value System is, what does He like, what does He Dislike. What can He do...what Cant He Do. If you dont Know Him, how can you Love Him???

Research everything you can about Him....Everything...this is the most important thing in your Life.

Once you have learned to Love GOD, you will desire to please Him. He can be pleased by your following of His Commandments. If you Love him, you will do what he says. One of the many things he asks is that task known as "The Great Comission" Now that you know the might like to tell everyone. That is the Fundemental Aim of the Established Church. The Church is NOT for the Christians it is for Those waiting to be saved!! Always forgotten and to our Detriment. There are uses in being members of a Church,

*Support, The Devil will try to attack you once you take sides with GOD, because you are no longer Neutral. He finds that threatening, he also knows that GOD working in you might effect others. He will try to shut you down. You on your own are no match for him. But GOD could smush him like a grape. The problem is, if you fall into sin, you might get confused, lost, not able to hear GOD clearly.

Other Christians can keep you in check, and support you in battle

* Accountability. Sometimes you wont do what you are supposed to do, left unchecked, this can turn an Evangelist into a card carrying Christian. They are as good as Neutral. Your Christian Friends will call you to account. They will share in your sorrow, share in your joy...and give you a good bollocking when its required to keep you from going off the rails.

*Worship and Teaching. You can do both alone...but they are always better with someone else. A Melody sounds good, a Melody plus a harmony sounds cant sing both parts at once. Reading a passage of scripture is enlightening...but sometimes a fresh perspective from another Christian can refresh an otherwise stagnating passage.

*Charity and the Great Comission. Best done as a united front.

So...its not needed, but its a kewl benefit. The Church is a tool box for you, where you can benefit others and they can benefit you. But if you ever need time out from it...then I believe thats alright aswell. Know what it is you are dealing with. A powerful political fallen institution. If you can recognise that, then you wont be shocked or lose your faith when you see certain "religious" people stumbling.

Remeber...This gift of Eternal Life, DID NOT come free to Him. It might have come free to you, but He has prooven how much He loves you by squashing himself into His own Limited Creation, suffering the hatred and rejection first hand, being falsely accused, betrayed and Murdered in a particularly nasty form of archaic State Execution...I wonder...what have you done to Proove you Love Him as much

I hope that helps.
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