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Originally Posted by County Mike
Dave: Why do you think everyone should live up to YOUR standards? Some people have their own.

I'm not saying your standards are bad, just that quite a few people really won't care if they upset you. They'll happily go about life doing what they feel is right. Might be less stressful to you if you just accept that some people will have different standards.
I try to base my standards on what is morally right and wrong. I base my Morals on Scripture, which isnt "what I feel is right" its actually what IS right, independant of what I or anyone else says or feels. Its called an Absolute. Its Correct, always has been and always will be.

Its obviously wrong to rub someones nose in a loss, if you happen to be the cornerman of the triumphant opponent... does anyone want to despute that? It is not Humble, it is not showing love to another, its not treating another how you'd like to be treated. Its prideful, its boastful. Its wrong. Now if you dissagree with me, you should know I dont make the rules, I'm just telling you what they are. If you dissagree..thats up to you...but I wont sit by and pamper you

There is this warped and twisted view going around that Moral Relativity actually exists. It doesnt...and for those of us who know what the Truth is, we should battle against those others who "go about life doing what they feel is right"

Am I perfect? No...but I will never, ever be silent on what I see is an injustice against someone I am loyal to.
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