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Originally Posted by Neezar
I am a fan and I don't feel disrespected. And as for 'He could have killed the guy', you can't really use that argument. Everytime that someone punches someone in the face they 'could have killed the guy.'

And if you stand on the fact that he disrespected the Art then what about flipping your opponent off and yelling 'F(*& you' AFTER you have won the fight. Now THAT is disrespectful. And disrespectful to your fans and the audience? Exactly! Can't leave them out because he flipped them off, too. I would much rather my fighter hold a choke too long than flip me off and yell 'f' you' at me.

p.s. I also disagree with the 'deliberately tried to cause harm' statement. These guys know how to cause harm if that is their true intentions. (He could have buggered his eye up ala Rich Franklin.)
you have some good points...but I was really answering a request...rather then being detailed in my arguments.

I can address your points if you want...if you promise not to get pissy or angry...I've heard it all before...but maybe some others havent...It's up to you...but if you yes...please PM michelle and let her know you've authorized this debate...or she will think I'm having another argument...and that wont impress her much
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