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Originally Posted by mikthehick
I'm not going to demean someone I don't know, except Matt Serra.
Good Call

For me...its about Loyalty. I am rather Loyal to Suckerpunch, and Levon Maynard is my Favourite from them (not including Jens Pulver) So I am very Loyal to him. I dont like hearing that the Corner man from the winning team kicked him when he was down.

The fact Brian Butler makes no comment, is enough to convince me that it wasnt a figment of a few peoples imagination. Butler is like an American version of Emile Coleman...if they ever got together they'd understand each other perfectly, because they both have...the same kinda outlook towards both business and how you should treat people.

But...No hard feelings between you and me.

Glad you had a good time btw....but I do hope you managed to do all your papers aswell...
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