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Originally Posted by mikthehick
Ok Dave, I'm not going to sit here and argue with you over a misinterpretation of "cry all you want". It was a joke, and I'm sorry if you took it another way, but I had no intentions of demeaning you, Levon, or anyone when I said that. For that I'm sorry. If you took it personally, then I apologize. That's as sincere as I can make that

As for Rick, he's really good friends with Dave, the owner and head instructor at my gym. Dave is a pretty big Christian, he's a little rough, but he will never admit he's perfect and he's got a good character and a strong work ethic. Me and him were meeting last night and discussing how to get the gym off the ground, especially since we just moved to a bigger place. Boomer helped set up a ton of behind the scenes stuff at the gym, and the rest of us are trying to keep it afloat until more people sign up.

Rick basically runs the fight camp, MMAI, in VA in Richmond, Harrisonburg, Winchester, and Charlottesville. It's a large fight team. I've never met Rick, nor can I say how his character is, but I've heard he's pretty cool. As for actions, I also can't judge as I'm not perfect, and it's reasonably unfair in my opinion for people to judge what "may" have happened at an event you didn't attend. There was nothing but respect between the two fighters, Levon and Baker. They shook hands before and after the fight and hugged--I saw it, i was there, I even have a picture somewhere. Kyle Baker was nothing but humble and gracious in his post fight interview. So I don't know why you accuse the corner of being rough and tumble. Rick, from what I saw, looked happy--I didn't see any "bad blood" or swearing.

EDIT: I just read the blog of the fans that were there, and again, I didn't see how Rick acted. Most of the people were drunk near the floor, since they were stumbling over everything--I think that's usual at any live event. Rick does run the fight team, but each gym here has a separate owner from what I know. It just sucks that some people misinterpret stuff sometimes, and again, I don't personally know Rick, and I'm not going to stand up for any actions he displayed there. I'm more focused on helping the Charlottesville branch grow and keeping it feeling like the tight knit family it has become.

Matt. 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."

So yeah, there's my thesis for the day.

I'm really upset that you think my fight camp is not humble and rubs victories in other people's faces--there are 4 gyms and they are all different, just under the McCoy name. That's is completely not what we are about. Every fight I've been to, they are gracious in defeat and honored when they win--definitely not like Mr. Serra and his actions.

If anything, The HIT Squad is a model gym for what Dave wants to do to the Cville gym. You just wait and see. I really don't care either way if you support or even like the MMAI of VA. That's your opinion. But please please don't believe everything you read on the internet unless you were actually there.
My bone isnt with the fighters, its with Rick McCoy....As I understand it he represents the brand name of your gym, but not your specific gym? In which case, I guess thats alright, if you've never met him, and he doesnt really count in the day to day running of the specific gym, then you cant take a share of the blame for his bad character.

I speak privately to a number of those people, I'm not just reading something off the internet in the way it looks like. I posted the link because thats evidence I've not fabricated everything in a slandering knowledge goes deeper then a few comments you see on that page though.

Suckerpunch is the main reason I'm visiting Virginia on my States Tour, by cooincodence it happens to be a great Forum Hub aswell, but if I knew noone from this forum in the State, I would still be visiting Richmond Virginia.

I know that McCoy has a reputation for not exactly being the most humble person on the planet...but if he's just a brand name, like it sounds as if he is, I guess I can work past that to see the gyms themselves as separate identities.

So...I guess we are kewl after all when I heard about him I knew there must be some mistake, because I dont think you would condone his action anymore then myself...but I wanted to be forgive me for being so direct...but I didnt wanna beat about the bush...but just come out and say...look this guy has an attitude problem...whats his relationship to you, since you said that Kyle was from your gym

The HIT Squad is a good model to base things on. Hope you dont hate me for what I said. I know that Americans in general prefer the direct approach. We are still kewl right
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