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Originally Posted by mikthehick
Cry all you want Dave, he's from my gym and I stand behind my VA gym Have to.
Is your Gym per chance The MMA know a most dissagreeable man called Rick McCoy? because I've been hearing a great deal about how whoever was cornering your guy was rather...insulting, to the suckerpunch guy who lost...By all means be pleased with a win, but...well I'm sure you know my thoughts on camps and fighters with bad attitudes, I wont support them.

Theres one guy from that gym who says he's even re-thinking whether to be associated with the gym after the corner mans display.

If thats your gym, I am suprised you stand by their actions....coz swearing at a fighter and rubbing his nose in the loss, the second it happens has to be one of the most unchristian things you can possibly do to a fighter....even if there is bad blood.

Course "cry all you want" isnt the nicest way to address a dissapointed fan, when your guy wins. Havent you and your guys heard of being Humble in Victory??
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