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Originally Posted by logrus View Post
I dont think this online gaming idea is going to pan out. Having to totally rely on an outside source is not something gamers are a big fan of. Think of how often they will have to shut down servers for maintenance and repairs. It could be like the MMO's where they are down for a couple hours that turn into 1-3 days.

Connectivity is also going to be a huge problem, I run 6.0Mbps and at times my internet still acts like total crap. It still has problems with what I do now so I dont know how I would handle playing a game online and for it to crap out. An what happens if you cant pay the bill for either a month lol.

I need to find some old emulated games, J.B, LINK ME!!!! lol
You are right about those issues and it would tick people off to some degree. However, if they can get it down to a science over the next 10 years, I do think it could possibly be the future of how we a lot more games being delivered.

Here is a good place to get the best emulators for all systems...

As for the roms, do some torrent searches for some all in one zip files that contain whole romsets, it's easier than trying to do it game by game. I'm actually just about to walk out the door as I am typing this, but when I get back I will shoot you a PM with some links.
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