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Originally Posted by NateR
Well, Dave, you and I have already discussed how ideal my apartment would be in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
I havent changed my mind either, I'd still head for the Store and put it on would be an impregnable fortress with fresh water (in bottles) and a carpark so if I decided to leave I'd have transport right outside the door....its two mins from my parents place...where I think my Family would begin to converge.

It was the conversation that we had about two years ago that sparked my recollection coz, I just watched 28 weeks later again yesterday

My plan would be once things had calmed down abit, to head towards Menwith Hill airbase. On foot at a push I could get there in about ten mins. If there is anything left of it, it will be well protected and might have the only available transportation off the Island. They are American, soooo they'll be going back to the United States I imagine...and I'd make them take me aswell

If Menwith was no longer functioning, I'd scout around for anything that might be useful, ideally, a Motorbike... i'd set out across the Yorkshire Moors and Pennines to get to the West Coast. The east Coast is far, far to dangerous, and following the train tracks will only lead me to bigger cities. Once I hit the coast, I walk the beaches around the top of wales until I get to Hollyhead...pretty sure I could swim to Eire from there

Once in Eire I'll know if the Problem is just with England, or whether the Problem is Global. If it Global, I steal a motorboat, load if full of gas and try and cross the least if I fail I will die naturally...rather then whatever else is going on.

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