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Originally Posted by jason2130 View Post
i had a decent experience with gametap but i spent $15 dollars for 3 months and like strategy games (and it has tons of them), but once they changed from their gametap gameconsoleprogram thingy and changed it to the webbrowser i couldnt stand it

signed up for the free 12 months founders thing

prices are gonna be what makes or breaks this, once its live you need a membership fee to play demos and use the service
then buy 3 day 5 day or unlimited access to each game individually, im interested to say the least but if it cost the same for unlimited access as it does to get a disc or steam version id rather have my own copy

i can see where someone without a xbox360, ps3 or gaming comp would get use out of it if they want mass effect 2 for instance and their current comp wont play it, its a cheaper option then buying a xbox or upgrading your comp
I liked the concept of Gametap, and it was fun for a month or so, but I either already had most of the games, or I could emulate them on the PC with faster programs than theirs.

Whats funny is the only reason I said I HAD to try gametap was because I browsing their list of titles and they had some old PC games from the 80's with one in particular called the "Movie Monster Game". Love that game, classic.
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