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Oddly thats what saved the game, subscription wise it was really tanking bad. In a last ditch effort they went to that form and oddly increased their revenue and subscriptions by 500%
got me playing it, bought a few add ons instead on monthly fees, when lord of the rings goes free il prolly go back to it for awhile

been playing "kingdom heroes" lately, have a lvl 50 warrior (shield based) if anyone plays it a fun/free mmo where you have your character and between 2-6 soldiers/pets following you all the time

sadly i have seen you pic by your name and just dawned on me its a tauren havent had my account on since the last expansion, i feel like playing it again but when i turn it on i cant decide what char to play, i want all my 70s to be 80 but never stay on one long enough to do anything i find myslef loggin on and off swapping chars until i get frustrated and go play something else
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