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Originally Posted by logrus View Post
I am not sure bout that one. I bought Assassins Creed 2 for 24$ on Amazon. IF you look at what it cost on Gamestop its 23$ used. Same game new from there is 40$. 21$+3 shipping on Ebay.

I havent sold any games in a long while, there always seems to be some form of DLC that gets my interest, probably another thing to keep game resales down as well.
Well what I meant by marking up the pre-owned games is in terms of what they buy them back for.

It really just depends on the popularity of the game. For instance, I traded in Nascar 09 and got under $20 for it, but when I was back in the store a few days later they had my same copy on the shelf for $40 (Nascar 09 is the last year for the EA Nascar games). I also traded in NHL 09 and I got under $10 and they were selling it for $20.

I saw AC 2 for like 24 or 25 bucks last time I was in Gamestop, so I'm assuming the buy back price is like 10 or 12 dollars. So, why would anybody in their right mind go out and buy that game at full price right now? The bulk of game sales are mostly recorded in the first month of a game's release anyway, and the market is constantly flooded with new games. It's hard for people to keep up with constantly spending $60 on games.

I think in the future it will start to go further away from games based on disc and start to get more into the direct download or streaming formats. There are already services like Gametap that have a subscription based service that allows you to play 1000's of games without ever downloading them.That will be one way to curb resales in the game industry, but it will certainly kill the nostalgia.
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