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Gamestop marks up a lot of the newer released pre-owned games like 100%, but when a game is like 6 months or a year old you definitely save money on it. I am all for the resale of games, music, and movies. For games in particular, there are a lot of games that I wouldn't mind owning but I don't feel they are worth buying when they are full price. I get sick of games or beat them too quick to justify spending that much cash on brand new games. I am constantly trading games in for different ones and even the games with high replay value seem to lose their edge within a few months.

NES is still the best. Those were the days, when multiplayer meant you actually had another human being sitting in the room with you while playing the game.
I am not sure bout that one. I bought Assassins Creed 2 for 24$ on Amazon. IF you look at what it cost on Gamestop its 23$ used. Same game new from there is 40$. 21$+3 shipping on Ebay.

I havent sold any games in a long while, there always seems to be some form of DLC that gets my interest, probably another thing to keep game resales down as well.
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