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Originally Posted by logrus View Post
I never understood the resale of games from places like Gamestop and such. Its usually less the 5$ save which really isn't that huge. I guess if you buy enough games constantly then it might just be worth it,

I really think what changed my attitude towards game resales was actually taking part in the dev of an Indie game, To actually see what goes into the game I just cant bring myself to buying used.

So far I haven't felt cheated in any game I purchased, corse I am pretty strict on what I actually do buy. Also It would seem to me at least that in the next yr or 2 we will turn the gaming community into a MP based where we will probably see less and less in terms of compelling SP.

I couldn't believe how many people were crying about RDR's MP which is odd cause Rockstar is terrible at MP, yet so may were talking bout being ripped off based on the poor MP.

An stop picking on my 80 Tauren Druid and Hume Rogue JB..
Gamestop marks up a lot of the newer released pre-owned games like 100%, but when a game is like 6 months or a year old you definitely save money on it. I am all for the resale of games, music, and movies. For games in particular, there are a lot of games that I wouldn't mind owning but I don't feel they are worth buying when they are full price. I get sick of games or beat them too quick to justify spending that much cash on brand new games. I am constantly trading games in for different ones and even the games with high replay value seem to lose their edge within a few months.

NES is still the best. Those were the days, when multiplayer meant you actually had another human being sitting in the room with you while playing the game.
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