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my guess is more games are gonna start goin the route on DDO (dungeons and dragons online) with online content, you can buy add on content for a 1 time purchase and own it forever, or pay $14.95 a month and get access to all content +gold member benifits

so with a game like MMA, and im just useing examples based on DDO type pricing
.99 per extra ring unlocked forever (until they get bored making new rings)
2.99 roster upgrades unlocked forever (eventually youll need 3 to 4 roster upgrades)
2.99 per special fighter unlocked forever (prolly 10+ fighters from other organizations, or legends)


9.99 a month and you get access to all the above
+ a webpages with your stats
+ special events
+ some sort of training boost for your fighter

but if you ever quit paying the fee you have nothing of the extra content

listening to the EA guy talk about the shooter package they seem to be leaning kinda the way of DDO, which lord of the rings online is copying DDO this year exactly (free to play-but pay for anything past a certain point) and i think EA is part of that game as well
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