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Exactly, the resale market is the biggest part of the video game industry.

I can understand why they want to make some extra money by offering the silly extra downloads like I was talking about, or even asking for a small fee from the people who bought the game used to help maintain the servers for online gaming. However, before they make that end-user pay for the Online features, they should get to try it out first, even if it's only for a day. They could just link it to the Xbox or PS3 gamertag in that respect. The reason I say this is, look at the new UFC game. That game completely sucks online according to 90% of the people who own it, yet they are charging the resale customers to use it.

If they are seriously planning a monthly fee, there better be some BAD ASS stuff going on, or nobody is gonna buy it. These aren't World of Warcraft nerds we are talking about here.
I never understood the resale of games from places like Gamestop and such. Its usually less the 5$ save which really isn't that huge. I guess if you buy enough games constantly then it might just be worth it,

I really think what changed my attitude towards game resales was actually taking part in the dev of an Indie game, To actually see what goes into the game I just cant bring myself to buying used.

So far I haven't felt cheated in any game I purchased, corse I am pretty strict on what I actually do buy. Also It would seem to me at least that in the next yr or 2 we will turn the gaming community into a MP based where we will probably see less and less in terms of compelling SP.

I couldn't believe how many people were crying about RDR's MP which is odd cause Rockstar is terrible at MP, yet so may were talking bout being ripped off based on the poor MP.

An stop picking on my 80 Tauren Druid and Hume Rogue JB..
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