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If they go to a MONTHLY fee, gamers are going to revolt.

All of the new EA games are already starting to charge for online access. If you buy a game brand new, they will give you a code to redeem it for free, but if you rent the game or buy it used, you have to pay to access the online features. Okay, I understand the logic behind that, even if I think it's lame, but how are they gonna justify a monthly access fee?

Premium content is already getting way out of hand. Between Madden 10 and Fight Night Round 4 alone I have spent a BUNCH of money on crap like extra fighters, extra game-modes, power-ups, etc... Heck, they soak you like 2 or 3 bucks for a feature that will let you keep a player from retiring during your Dynasty mode on Madden, but when you bring the guy back, his stats drop and the price tag for his salary goes up! I understand keeping it real, but that's friggin ridiculous.
I can see why they are spear heading resale on games because it is a lot of loss revenue that could be going back into the company to continue to improve on games. Free content, free exclusive items. Its a great idea. The only thing that seems odd is giving free in game codes for an item to a company which bases 3/4 of its revenue off of resales.

I never played Madden or Fight Night JB. I didnt know they were charging for the things you talked about, seems kinda stupid and its taking a part of the game away from its player base.

I don't think the players will turn out if you have to pay for the service for "live broadcast". I could see it being popular if it was a gold membership for 360 or part of the new premium service for Ps3. I cant see fans jumping on paying for something that they have less then a 1% chance of being involved in..
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