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EA is going all out for this MMA game, You will be able to upload footage of you trash talking to hype your fight, fights between players will actually be broadcast live for those selected at Random to do battle.

Actual real commentating as well lol, Nice
was watching EA talk about it yesterday, they are gonna start having premium online options for all there games for a monthly fee, didnt say much about what the fees would be but they already plan multiple packages (example there shooter games are in one package, football is seperate, mma is different, or a bundle kit where you get it all)

the premium MMA sounded great in theory, their main points being tournaments where players are selected at random and matched based on performance to compete for prizes, the part i cant quite figure out is that they plan to have real commentators and expect to have tons of players tuneing in to watch it the mock-PPV type event, i just dont see that turning out like they are saying it will
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