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QUOTE=Tyburn]what you might do in a real state of Emergency?

Supposing your Government dissapeared overnight, supposing your public amenities vanished the next day...No fresh drinking water, no waste disposal, riots and looting happening all around you, no police, and before any Military Presence could be mustered

Supposing also, no Phones, No mobile Phones, No internet, No public Transport, no Trains, or planes, and all the roads being blocked by trashed cars...not to mention if you had a car, no knowledge of where you'd be able to refuel.
How would you survive? Where would you go? What would you do?

What about finding other family Members?[/QUOTE]

You better tell me if your joking Dave , Dont get me all happy like that then let me down.

Weve got a hand dug well that hasnt ran dry in somewhere in the neighbor hood of 70-80 years or more , no worries there. Me and My folsk both pull water out of it , its what feeds our home

Nothing to loot hear , And they gotte be able to close 800 yards without me seeing them , and at this exact point in time , the cover of night aint gonna help em lol.

Watch Smokey and the Bandit Dave. Those things they call cb radios are not movie props , Alot of us " HillBilliys" still have em in our trucks , and use em quite often.

Never used it , dont need to , actually , dont even have it around here come to think about it . I think Decatur about 40 miles to the north has buses but thats about it .

Dont Need roads. Every other farm out here owns 3 or 4 horses. See any old western Movie to find out how they are used.

Those Horses i talked about eat grass. And if i get hungry , well , ive had worse i imagine lol.

We Live within a few miles of each other , Refer back to those cb radios and Horses i spoke of earlier

As for food. That wont be a problem , Refer Back to my numerous posts full of dead animals , They may look bad but taste excellent.
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