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Originally Posted by Tyburn

I was wondering if the different colours of Gi actually mean anything, or are just for aesthetic purpose. I mean, the Belt Colours symbolise rank, but I've seen different coloured Gi aswell...I wonder if they symbolise anything...Everyone has seen white...but I've seen a sorta brownish/black, a verrrrrra dark green and a blue one also.

Are these reflective of different Martial Arts? or also used in conjunction with rank?

or are they just to make the fighter colourful.

Sorry for the dumbass question...but when I asked Jeff Curran he never answered me

Some martial arts don't care about your gi. At my dojo, you wear a white gi for the first year.We offer a free 10oz white gi when you sign up for the free trial. After you make green belt, you are able to wear colored a gi.

My colored gi.. school colors are red/black

Our BJJ gi's are blue.. just for the fun... and they are not dojo affiliated, mine is like wearing a shag carpet...

I wear a black gi for Shuri -Te Jitsu and when the white and red and black gi are dirty.

For balintawak.. no gi is required...
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