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Originally Posted by Matt Pena
Here I wanted to continue cursing Hughes for putting me through a lift, that I'm just recovering from and you go do something like visiting troops in the hospital. For those that don't know I've spent time on the Marines and have had friends and family, both injured and killed on the battlefield. Knowing how busy matt is, it's quite touching to know that he still has time to do things like this. -I hope you're enjoing your family back at home matt. -

Yes. I did try to lift with hughes. I only made it half through, before I had to hold pads for fighters. When I was done holding pads an hour later, matt was still going. I now realize that boxing may have saved my life again.

When I went to Utah, I was wondering what kind of matt Hughes I would see after being away from the octagon over half a year, and I wondered if Hughes was ready to start prepping for serra. <devilish look in my eyes> this one will be fun.

For those that have been wondering about me. I'm still training many fighters and spending lots of time with my girls again. I will be training Lawler for his fight. I'm back with fisher and several other UFC fighters, which I'm excited about. God is still blesssing me.

If you want to contact me, I'm on facebook. Be sure to hollar so I can bombard you with my application requests... Ha... Jk. Ok. So I might send just one. ;)

Semper Fidelis,

Matt Pena

Great to hear! Thanks for posting!
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