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Default BLOG: Walter Reed Hospital

From Matt's Blog:

First thing I want to tell everybody is this Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I will be at the Illinois Deer Classic in Bloomington, IL, at the XWT (Xtreme Whitetail Technologies) booth signing autographs and meeting anybody that wants to come around. With me will be Pat and Nicole from Driven TV.

Last week was busy, I went to Utah and trained with Jeremy Horn at his new gym, Elite Performance. Not only was Jeremy there, but Matt Pena as well. So I learned a lot on the ground with Jeremy and on my feet with Matt. I'm going back out there next month and doing some more training, but also going to make an appearance at Jeremy's fights on March 27th. They offer advanced, beginner and kids' classes. Of course, Jeremy doesn't have time to teach all the classes, but he has some great coaches on the submission side as well as wrestling that help out. The classes were so diverse that it struck me as odd. In one of the classes was a 54 year old man, they call "Doc," and he did very well.

I left Utah Thursday night and flew straight to Washington DC. There in Virginia were the UWC fights in which I had two of my guys fighting in. The day of the fight some of us went to Walter Reed Hospital to have a meal with some wounded soldiers who were there. As most of you know, I believe that our biggest fans are in the military. So going there, eating a meal with them and meeting some of our soldiers was a great way for me to spend my afternoon. I was fortunate enough to have Amy (TexasRN on the forums) come with me to take some pictures and do a little write up in our forums for me. Amy's done this before, so I knew it would work out pretty well. Here is the link to see what Amy had to say and the pictures she took: Walter Reed Hospital

The UWC fights went off very well, great production, very well organized and just an all-around good time. The only bad part is both of my guys lost; but they put on good performances and fought tough guys. One of the guys even took the fight on a 2-day notice. So, regardless of the losses, I'm still really proud of them. -matt
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